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A Meeting in Honour of Dave Broomhead's 60th Birthday

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We are organising a meeting in Honour of Dave Broomhead's 60th birthday.

Organisers: Mark Muldoon (University of Manchester), Jeremy Huke (University of Manchester), Kieran Smallbone (University of Manchester).

Provisional Programme

Monday 15 November (all talks in Frank Adams)

12:00 – 13:20 Lunch and registration on Atrium Bridge

13:20 Welcome

13:30 Tom Mullin (Manchester)

Elastic instabilities lead to novel material properties

14:15 George Rowlands (Warwick)

Where do instabilities go?

15:00 Tea & Coffee

15:30 Richard Clement

Data, neurons and what happens next

16:15 Douglas Kell (Manchester, BBSRC)

Mathematics and biology – an overview

17:00 Drinks & Speeches

18:30 Dinner for Speakers and Friends at the Yang Sing Restaurant

Tuesday 16 November

09:00 Steve McLaughlin (Edinburgh)

Speech analysis and synthesis based on dynamic modes

09:45 John McWhirter (Cardiff)

Another view from the Malverns - the third dimension

10:30 Tea & Coffee

11:00 Marianne Johnson (Manchester)

Time stealing: An adventure in tropical land

11:45 Celso Grebogi (Aberdeen)

Fractal skeletons: The universality in death by starvation

12:30 Lunch

13:45 David Rand (Warwick)

A mathematician's view of circadian rhythms

14:30 David Sumpter (Uppsala)

Ants and slime mould solve the Towers of Hanoi

15:15 Michael Kirby (Colorado State)

Some geometric approaches for analyzing data cubes

16:00 Close, followed by Tea

A Selection of Photographs from the Event




Richard Abadi (NUI Maynooth and Manchester)

Dave Abrahams (Manchester)

Ozgur Akman (Exeter)

Jim Arnold (Manchester)

Gerold Baier (Manchester)

Alex Bladon (Manchester)

Sasha Borovik (Manchester)

Jon Borrensen (Manchester Metropolitan)

John Brooke (Manchester)

Eleanor Broomhead

David Broomhead (Manchester)

Martin Brown (Manchester)

Manuela Bujorianu (Manchester)

Marius Bujorianu (Manchester)

Younes Chahlaoui (Manchester)

Joseph Challenger (Manchester)

Richard Clement

Houman Dallali (Manchester)

Peter Duck (Manchester)

Geoff Evatt (Manchester)

Sergei Fedotov (Manchester)

Paul Glendinning (Manchester)

Celso Grebogi (Aberdeen)

Sven Hammarling (Manchester)

Andrew Hazel (Manchester)

Nick Higham (Manchester)

James Hook (Manchester)

Jeremy Huke (Manchester)

Marianne Johnson (Manchester)

Anne Juel (Manchester)

Mark Kambites (Manchester)

Douglas Kell (Manchester/BBSRC)

Hovik Khudaverdian (Manchester)

Greg King (Lisbon)

Michael Kirby (Colorado State)

Margarita Korovina (Manchester)

Piotr Kowalczyk (Manchester)

Ellen Lee

Shane McKie (Manchester)

Steve McLaughlin (Edinburgh)

John McWhirter (Cardiff)

John Moriarty (Manchester)

Mark Muldoon (Manchester)

Tom Mullin (Manchester)

Ebrahim Patel (Manchester)

Maurice Priestley (Manchester)

David Rand (Warwick)

Caroline Riley (QinetiQ)

George Rowlands (Warwick)

Sergei Sergeev (Birmingham)

Richard Sharp (Manchester)

Jon Shapiro (Manchester)

Pablo Shmerkin (Manchester)

Kieran Smallbone (Manchester)

David Sumpter (Uppsala)

Lovisa Sumpter (Uppsala)

Francoise Tisseur (Manchester)

Charles Walkden (Manchester)

Chris Welshman (Manchester)


If you would like to attend this event, please email Helen Harper (Helen.Harper {at} If you have any special requirements, dietary or otherwise, or would like to attend the Celebratory Dinner on Monday 15 November, please mention this in your email.


There are several hotels near to the Alan Turing Building.

Directions to the Alan Turing Building can be found here

Supported by: The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), The School of Mathematics and CICADA

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