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Complexity in the Life Sciences: Combining Biological and Computational Approaches

Background: Complexity in the Life Sciences arises (1) due to the non-linear mechanisms frequently involved and (2) due to the complex data generated by ever more sophisticated experimental techniques. It is becoming increasingly recognised (also by the research councils) that the major problems in biology cannot be solved by life scientists alone but that cross-disciplinary collaboration with experts in mathematical and computational methods has a crucial role.

The aim of this workshop is to catalyse such collaborations. In some cases, the pay-off may be ‘quick wins’ on research questions; in other cases, it may be the establishment of research links that will facilitate future funding.

The workshop will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 6 September 2011. There will be a mixture of presentations both from biomedical scientists and from mathematicians and computer scientists.

The organisers of this event are Rasmus Petersen and Paul Glendinning


The latest programme for the event is available here.


Please let Helen Harper ( if you would like to attend this meeting.


Frank Adams room, Alan Turing Building.

List of Participants

Richard Abadi (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Richard Allmendinger (Computer Science)

Paul Bassan (Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science)

Natasha Bray (Faculty of Life Sciences

David Brough (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Fiona Burrows (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Adam Byron (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Alan Dickson (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Kit Dodson (Maths)

Mike Field (University of Houston) Diana Garcia Lopez (Physics and Astronomy)

Paul Glendinning (CICADA/Maths)

Marc Goodfellow (Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre)

Julia Handl (Manchester Business School)

Sam Hay (Faculty of Life Sciences)

James Hook (CICADA/Maths)

Adam Huffman (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Melody Jimenez Hernadnez (Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science)

Mark Kambities (CICADA/Maths)

Jeremiah Kelly (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Christopher Knight (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Rehana Kousar (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Robert Mansfield (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Joe Mellor (Computer Science)

John Moriarty (CICADA/Maths)

Mark Muldoon (CICADA/Maths)

Ahmed Osman (Computer Science)

Pawel Paszek (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Nisha Patel (Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre)

Rasmus Petersen (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Angela Pisco (Faculty of Life Sciences)

William Rowe (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Ingo Schiessl (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Ben Small (Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre)

David Spiller (Faculty of Life Sciences)

Dan Tang (CICADA)

Heather Vincent (Bioinformatics)

Yunjiang Wang (Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre)

Chris Welshman (CICADA/Maths)

Ng Keng Yap

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