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A Meeting in Honour of Dave Broomhead's 60th Birthday

Dave Broomhead

We are organising a meeting in Honour of Dave Broomhead's 60th birthday.

Organisers: Mark Muldoon (University of Manchester), Jeremy Huke (University of Manchester), Kieran Smallbone (University of Manchester).

Provisional Programme

Monday 15 November (all talks in Frank Adams)

12:00 – 13:20 Lunch and registration on Atrium Bridge

13:20 Welcome

13:30 Tom Mullin (Manchester)

14:15 George Rowlands (Warwick)

15:00 Tea & Coffee

15:30 Richard Clement

16:15 Douglas Kell (Manchester, BBSRC)

17:00 Drinks & Speeches

18:30 Dinner for Speakers

Tuesday 16 November

09:00 Steve McLaughlin (Edinburgh)

09:45 John McWhirter (Cardiff)

10:30 Tea & Coffee

11:00 Marianne Johnson (Manchester)

11:45 Celso Grebogi (Aberdeen)

12:30 Lunch

13:45 David Rand (Warwick)

14:30 David Sumpter (Upsalla)

15:15 Michael Kirby (Colorado State)

16:00 Close, followed by Tea

Directions to the Alan Turing Building can be found here

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