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CICADA organises a range of different events. They include the following:

Research Seminars:
These are usually weekly. Speakers are invited to come and talk to the group about an area of research of interest to CICADA.
A history of our seminars can be found at:
Specialist Seminars:
Sometimes CICADA puts on "Specialist Seminars". These are talks given by visiting lecturers and demand a certain degree of prior knowledge. These talks are aimed at providing very specific and detailed knowledge of a particular area of interest to members of CICADA.
Conferences and Workshops:
These may be one-day events or they may run for several days. Experts in the field of hybrid systems, including those from overseas, participate in these events.
Industrial Events:
These are usually one- or two-day workshops involving our industrial partners. Workshops can be tailor-made to suit the needs of industry and CICADA is keen to foster new ways of working with industrialists.
Study Groups:
These informal groups include both The Tropical Mathematics Reading Group and The Hybrid Systems Reading Group. These groups normally meet weekly and discuss reading matter on specific areas of research.
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