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Symposium and Evening Lecture on Humanoid Robotics - The RobotCub Project

Thursday, 19th February 2009, The Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester


Venue: Frank Adams Rooms, Alan Turing Building

The Control Systems Centre at the University of Manchester is organising a one day Symposium on Humanoid Robotics on Thursday, 19th of February 2009 which will feature Europe's most advanced humanoid robot, the iCub. The robot has been developed at the Italian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) in Genoa within the E.C. Framework 6 research programme and will be the standard robotic platform for European research studies in cognitive science within Framework 7.

The Symposium programme will contain presentations on aspects of mechatronic design including electric drives and gearing, sensors, software architecture, control, communications and cognitive issues. Speakers from I.I.T., including the Director Professor Darwin Caldwell, will outline the design aspects of the robot and other presentations will focus on ongoing and planned research studies based on the iCub concept. An exhibition featuring the robot in action is planned to be operational during the Symposium allowing time for delegates to become familiar with its capabilities.

It is hoped that the Symposium will encourage research studies in humanoid robotics and synergetic topics within the U.K.

Evening Lecture

Venue: Room G107, Alan Turing Building

Professor Caldwell will give a evening lecture at 6.30 pm on the iCub. (There will be refreshments from 6.00 pm.) The lecture will be suitable for anyone interested in robotics and is free of charge, although registration is still required. The event will be introduced by Professor Salvator Roberto Amendolia, the italian attache for science from the Italian Embassy in London.

Please contact the CICADA Project Manager, Mrs Helen Harper (Helen.Harper[at]manchester, tel: 0161 275 5856) for further information.

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